Bulletin - Summer 2019

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The Summer 2019 Bulletin focuses on the critical community-focused efforts that are helping to spark a new era of revitalization in South Bethlehem. The issue also includes Professor Dan Lopresti’s work to put high-tech tools in hands of those investigating human trafficking, and a profile of the Lehigh alum and professional baseball player Matt McBride.

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Class Notes (PDF)

Sunrise on the South Side

Lehigh, its partners in the community and the City of Bethlehem join forces to foster South Bethlehem’s resurgence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Computer science and engineering professor Dan Lopresti is working to put high-tech tools in the hands of those investigating crimes of modern slavery.

Matt McBride

Lehigh Valley IronPigs' Matt McBride: A Great Catch

Matt McBride’s long professional baseball career took root at Lehigh. His legacy has opened doors for the players who follow in his footsteps.

Ricky Kirshner

Growing Up with Dali

Brad Morse ’65 helps steward his late parents’ Salvador Dali collection at signature museum.

Ricky Kirshner

The Fundamentals of Solar Energy

Physical chemist Elizabeth Young studies the fundamental reactions that could improve our ability to use light from the sun.