Reporting for Safety, Equity and Integrity Concerns

The safety, equity and integrity of our community are the shared responsibility of everyone at Lehigh. We encourage our community to access the comprehensive resources Lehigh offers for support and guidance around various issues. To raise a concern or report an incident, see the links below to get more information, and find contacts and reporting forms.

Emergency or Crime

If this is an emergency, dial (610) 758-4200 on-campus or 911 locally. Lehigh University Police Department is here to protect the welfare and safety of our students, faculty and visitors, preserve law and order, protect property, apprehend and prosecute offenders, and enforce policies. To report a crime or a tip in one of these areas, connect with LUPD.

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Gender Violence/Sexual Assault

Reports or complaints of gender violence or sexual assault are handled by the Equal Opportunity Compliance Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator, Karen A. Salvemini.

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Learn more about gender violence/sexual assault reporting options >

Bias, Harassment & Discrimination

Reports or complaints of harassment or discrimination should be made to the Equal Opportunity Compliance Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator, Karen A. Salvemini.

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Find further information and details on the EOCC website >


Reports or complaints related to hazing, experienced or witnessed, are handled by the Lehigh University Police Department and the Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations.

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Academic Integrity

Reports or complaints related to violations of academic integrity, including plagiarism, copying, collusion and cheating, are handled by the Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations.

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Student of Concern

Reports of students who may be exhibiting concerning behaviors, experiencing overwhelming challenges or may be involved in situations or incidents that might require additional attention are handled by the Dean of Students Office.

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Protection of Minors - Reporting Abuse of a Minor

Known or suspected acts of abuse against a minor on Lehigh’s campuses should immediately be reported to the Lehigh University Police Department (610-758-4200) and to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services via ChildLine (1-800-932-0313).

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Learn more about Lehigh's Protection of Minors Policy >

Athletic Compliance

Report a concern about a student-athlete, faculty and staff member, alumnus, or friend of the University who is not abiding by the NCAA compliance regulations.

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Code of Conduct Violations

Reports of incidents or concerns (not covered above) that may violate the Lehigh University Code of Conduct, are handled by the the Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations.

Read the Student Code of Conduct >

Ethics Complaint

Reports or complaints related to the financial and operational aspects of the University, including financial or ethical concerns, fraud, conflicts of interest, and noncompliance with governmental or university requirements should be reported using the form below or by calling the toll-free hotline at (888) 924-4450.

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Faculty Concerns

Looking for guidance on academic personnel issues or grievances?

Connect with the faculty affairs team via email >

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Employee Relations

Human Resources staff can provide information, assistance and support and help identify a range of solutions for various employee circumstances and issues.

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Concerns, Issues or Complaints

Want to talk to a neutral party about any issues within the i? Need help figuring out the best next steps to resolve a problem? Connect with a Lehigh ombudsperson for advice, resources, conflict resolution, and mediation. Ombuds serve the Lehigh community of students, staff, and faculty.

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