A rainbow balloon arch at a campus event

Advocacy Centers

Lehigh is committed to nurturing a welcoming and inclusive campus environment that celebrates differences and is built upon a foundation of mutual respect. Our students hail from all over the United States, and the world, and represent all walks of life. We value this diversity and recognize the essential role it plays in contributing to rich, vibrant and engaging campus culture.

The mission of the Pride Center for Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity is to promote the academic and personal growth of all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and ally (LGBTQIA) students; achieve equity for LGBTQIA students with respect to access and inclusion; and contribute to the creation of a more socially just institution and community.

The Center for Gender Equity seeks to create a campus culture where all students, faculty and staff can achieve their personal and professional goals while being true to their gender and sex. In addition to creating open dialogues around masculinity, we also build awareness around topics that disproportionately affect women- and female-identified people.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs serves as an advocate, resource and source of support for students of color and their families at Lehigh University and beyond.

The Center for Dialogue, Ethics and Spirituality, directed by the Office of the University Chaplain, serves the educational mission of Lehigh University by providing space and resources designed to enhance the “ethical and spiritual development” of those who live and work at Lehigh—students, faculty and staff. Recognizing that people of good will disagree with one another on topics involving ethical analysis, spirituality and religious interpretation, the Center seeks to promote the values of open and free inquiry, engaged dialogue and respect for persons regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Student Access and Success office’s mission is to expand access to the university for all underrepresented groups with a focus on first-generation and lower-income students. The office also strives to insure a support system is in place, which enables these students to have an enriching and successful Lehigh experience.

Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to build on Lehigh’s effort to advance its commitment to a more diverse and inclusive campus.

Principles of our Equitable Community

Members of the campus community have a collective responsibility to create and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment. The Lehigh Principles of our Equitable Community guide this commitment.

International Students and Scholars

Lehigh’s Office of International Affairs provides immigration advising and support services to help international students enroll and succeed at Lehigh.