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Lehigh launches a new initiative to support the university’s continued growth 

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Lehigh announced in March its Research Futures plan, a new initiative which will support the university’s continued growth and positioning for the future. Provost Pat Farrell introduced the plan, which aims “to amplify the quality and quantity of research we’re able to do at Lehigh” with a one-time, $20 million investment in research programs, organizational capacity and infrastructure, and faculty recruiting.

Research Futures, said Alan Snyder, vice president and associate provost for research and graduate studies, is an “investment in expansion of the faculty and staff, and in our growth as a research university, in accord with our shared aspirations, the needs of our students, and our intended place in the world of higher education and the world.”

Approximately one-third of the funding will be used for faculty hiring, through assistance in assembling support for new hires, Snyder said. The remainder will be used for other purposes that advance research, such as investments in major research opportunities; investments that support community-building and ideation across the faculty such as workshops and study groups; startup of college research support offices; and other elements of research infrastructure such as facility renovations.

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