Sometimes, a picture can tell a story more effectively than words, and you may want to include photography in your designs to increase their visual appeal. Select and use quality images in your communications. Images should reinforce Lehigh’s reputation as a leading research university focused on preparing the next generation of innovative leaders and providing a unique student experience.

Lehigh Photo Assets

Search through the Lehigh University Digital Media Library to help convey the spirit of Lehigh in all your digital and print materials. Our collection of over 2,000 images features our people and community, our unique spaces and beautiful campus, our student classroom and living experiences and our research and hallmark events.

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What makes a good photograph?


Whenever possible, capture people in their natural environments. Using props or objects will help tell a person’s story. Natural light settings are preferred and candid expressions will help convey their personality.

People in Action

To highlight research and student experiences on campus, show people working and engaging with each other. These images will highlight Lehigh’s hands-on, collaborative nature as well as the professor/student relationships that are at the core of the Lehigh experience. If the space you are shooting in feels cluttered, focus in on your subject to show a more intimate action.

Posed vs. Natural

Images that are spontaneous and not posed will resonate better with Lehigh’s audiences. Avoid these unnatural images especially in lifestyle, community engagement or event settings.

Diversity and Inclusion

Be mindful to represent the diversity across our campus. Look at your overall photo selections within a particular project to see if they are representative of our campus community. If in doubt, ask the Vice President of Equity and Community or a member of the Office of Communications & Marketing to review your selections.

Attention to Details

Avoid images with students wearing strongly branded clothing, non-Lehigh collegiate wear or inappropriate/revealing clothing. Also be conscious to refresh any image that does not feel modern or looks dated.

Campus Beauty and Architecture

Images that showcase Lehigh’s beautiful campus and architectural details will have a powerful impact on Lehigh’s audiences and should be used as often as possible. Add energy and personality by incorporating people doing various things such as walking, studying or socializing.

Photography Guidelines

  • Sharp, clearly focused image—at least the main part
  • Full range of tones from the whitest white to the blackest black
  • True, vibrant colors
  • Good finish quality
  • Photos for online uses should have a resolution of 72 dpi, and those for print materials should be at least 300 dpi
photo of woman laughing, photo of student looking at a block, photo of students working on a car, photo of a professor in a lab, photo of seal, photo of students in a warehouse, photo of linderman skylight, photo of students at diwali, students walking on campus and photo of students in a marching band