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University Communications and Public Affairs

University Communications and Public Affairs serves as primary storytellers to share Lehigh’s rich history, bold future and demonstrable societal impact with the world. We inspire belief in the power of the Lehigh experience through integrated delivery of brand, communications, marketing, community engagement and government relations strategies that bring Lehigh’s mission and vision to life.

Our Objectives

We build awareness and visibility for the university and provide timely information about Lehigh to various audiences (internally and externally). By working closely with people and organizations across the institution, we provide communications counsel and services to help best represent the Lehigh brand.

Community and government relations also play a critical role for the institution. Through community engagement, we actively participate in programs and partnerships with the local community and region. We also work to continuously strengthen existing ties with our federal and state legislators to build long-term, ongoing collaborations that help drive the university forward.

Brand Identity
The Lehigh brand is a strategic and coveted asset. UCPA articulates Lehigh’s brand identity and essence, ensuring that our brand is well-represented and integrated across the campus and in our external communications and that we actively measure the impact of that work. We develop, launch, maintain and measure a cohesive, refreshed brand platform that clarifies and articulates the value proposition, points of distinction, and impact of the Lehigh education and experience.

UCPA demonstrates the power of the Lehigh experience through impactful storytelling. We build a brand-focused content strategy, convene a broad range of campus partners to align focus areas, craft compelling content and deliver that content through a robust and cutting-edge communication delivery system.

In a competitive higher education environment, Lehigh’s reputation must demonstrate a differentiated offering that attracts students, faculty, staff, and strategic partners. To achieve this, UCPA builds and implements reputation programs which demonstrate Lehigh’s strengths, societal impact, and vision through integrated efforts across platforms and audience groups.



The Lehigh Brand

University Communications, with our peers across campus, is charged with telling Lehigh’s illustrious history, sharing the compelling stories of our students, faculty, alumni and staff and helping to shape and communicate the vision for our institution’s future. We do this by showcasing our university’s unique characteristics and enduring values.

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In order to create a unified approach to communicating the brand, we’re providing various assets and resources to help our partners and the campus community effectively connect with our audiences.

The Lehigh University logo

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Asset Bank

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