Guidelines for Media

Campus Visits

Lehigh University is a private campus, so media must request permission from Lehigh’s Media Relations staff to be on campus to conduct interviews or take photos or videos. Public locations just off campus are also available for media to interact with students or take photos or video of campus (a map showing several public locations is available by request). Journalists who have not obtained permission from Media Relations to be on campus may be asked to leave university property.

Before arriving on campus, media should contact members of the Media Relations team, who are available to assist media who are seeking access.

Lehigh’s campus is a home to students and the workplace of faculty, staff and researchers. The Media Relations office aims to preserve a sense of safety, security, privacy and normal course of business. Thus, media must ask individuals for their permission to be interviewed or captured in photography or video; and access to buildings on campus - including campus residences, offices, laboratories and classrooms - must be approved in advance by the Media Relations office. Media Relations staff may escort media while on university property and may revoke permission of members of the media if their actions are disruptive to Lehigh’s educational mission or daily operations.

Lehigh University reserves the right to refuse permission to record videos or take pictures on the Lehigh campus or Lehigh-owned properties. Lehigh video and photography assets are available to media upon request (please also see the Lehigh Photography collection).


The Media Relations team aims to connect media with campus experts and other newsworthy individuals. To best ensure access and timely response, media should schedule interviews with Lehigh faculty, staff or students with Media Relations staff. Members of the campus community who have been contacted by media or scheduled an interview should contact the Media Relations team prior to the interview or the media’s arrival on campus.


Journalists may attend and cover campus events that are open to the public or open to the media (in some cases, registration is required). If media intend to shoot video or photography or have specialized equipment, they should contact Media Relations staff in advance, as special accommodations or locations may be required.

Guidelines for Covering Commencement

Lehigh University’s spring commencement is a day of celebration for family, friends and graduates. In order to assure the solemnity of the event, we ask that members of the media abide by the following guidelines:

  • All media representatives (writers, photographers and videographers) must obtain credentials from Lehigh’s Communications and Public Affairs Office in order to cover commencement. Credentials are available at the Media Table (located at the northeast gate to Goodman Stadium) from 8:45 a.m. to noon on Commencement Day.
  • Only still photographers and video crews are permitted on the field during commencement. (A map of permitted locations during commencement is available upon request).
  • Media must wear Lehigh Media vests, which are available at the Media Table (located at the northeast gate to Goodman Stadium) from 8:45 a.m. to noon on Commencement Day.
  • Media are permitted to shoot from the side aisles only on either side of the seating area of the graduating class. We ask only that they shoot a few photos or get some footage and quietly move away from this area.
  • Media are not permitted to shoot from the middle aisle or in front of the stage, as it inhibits sight-lines for graduates.
  • Photographers and video crews who are given special permission prior to Commencement Day are permitted to set up in the front row, but only if they intend to stay at that location throughout the duration of the ceremony. They may not obstruct views when they remain in this area during the ceremony.
  • Microphones are not allowed on the stage. A mult box is available for use.
  • Lighting in not permitted inside Stabler Arena (in the event the ceremony is moved inside).
  • Power is not available on the field.