Stories about physics

This easily observed and annoying phenomenon yields insights into center of mass and impacts. Jerome Licini and a first-year physics student demonstrate the effects of impact.

Volkmar Dierolf and an international team demonstrate the possibility of tuning the color of a GaN LED by changing the time sequence at which the operation current is provided to the device.

Physicist Rosi Reed works with an international group of scientists and engineers to map quark-gluon plasma’s phase diagram.

Eric Wolf ’20 contributes to the field of physics as an undergraduate researcher. 

Jerome Licini, associate professor of physics, has created a tilted-axes tool as a learning aid for students.

The three-day NSF workshop invited participants from multiple disciplines to explore real-world challenges. 

Jim Gunton, former dean and renowned physicist, to be honored at retirement symposium.

Courtney Au-Yeung’s research aims for all-optical data transmission.

Newly found world has a ‘year’ only 1.5 days long—and may even have a tail like a comet.

Newly discovered KELT-11b has an extremely low density and orbits near its host star.