Research Review

2022 Volume No. 7

Research Review

Gloria Naylor

Celebrating Gloria Naylor

An interdisciplinary project invites a broad audience to engage with the archive of a celebrated author in a variety of ways.

Marie Curie

The Great Divide

Gauri Subramani examines the implications of representation on entrepreneurship and innovation.

A Radar for Risk

Bridget Dever helps schools identify students at high risk for behavioral and emotional disorders.

Treating Disease Through Neurostimulation

Mayuresh Kothare develops tools for optimizing treatment of medical conditions via neurostimulation of peripheral nerves.

Private Equity’s Playbook

Laura Katz Olson investigates the impact private equity firms have on the health care industry.

The Forefront of Experimental Evolution

Gregory Lang develops a mechanistic understanding of genome evolution through experiments with yeast.

Letter From Our Leadership

Our talented researchers continue to offer inspiration and insight through the most challenging times.

Interdisciplinarity & Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

A diverse team of Lehigh researchers examines components of the language, history and narratives of antibiotics related to their individual expertise.

More Stories

The Social Movements Behind Protest

Anthony DiMaggio studies the progression of social movements in the United States since 2008.

Precision & Practicality

Lei Wu explores Hilbert’s sixth problem to determine which mathematical approach to use in a particular regime.

Remaking the Nervous System

Michael Layden turns to the starlet sea anemone to better understand neural development and how the human brain evolved, and potentially improve treatments of central nervous system disorders.

A More Sustainable Human-Nature Relationship

Y.C. Ethan Yang works with a team of researchers incorporating data on human behavior into a climate-risk modeling framework to improve resilience of critical water, food and energy systems.

Unintended Consequences

Muzhe Yang’s work explores how the circumstances of maternal employment and other environmental factors impact maternal health, fetal health and infant health.

Bird flying over illustrations of people covered in white

Embracing Waste

Mary Foltz examines the ways several postmodern authors produce scatological works to critique how humans treat each other and the natural world.

Uğur Z. Peçe

Reducing Health Disparities in Native Populations

Christine Makosky Daley and Sean Daley lead a team of researchers in a holistic approach to well-being.

Illustration of person pouring prescription medicine into a vat

Harnessing the Power of Bacteria

Angela Brown’s research seeks to hijack bacteria’s machinery to better target drug delivery and combat antibiotic resistance.

Illustrations of eyes looking at buy buttons

Does Distraction Equal Interest?

Daniel Zane investigates what happens to consumers when they are distracted by a background ad while multitasking.

Colored patterns

A Tooth and a Timeline

David Anastasio’s examination of ancient lake sediments clarifies ages of human migrations out of northern Africa.

Illustration of hands holding a parent with their child

Closing the Intervention Gap

Ana Dueñas addresses a gap in services for Latino children with autism who need early intensive behavioral intervention.

Illustration of person pouring prescription medicine into a vat

The Eye of the Beholder

Eugene Han analyzes eye movements to integrate theories of phenomenological aesthetics with the psychology of perception.

Illustrations person's head, mouth and eyes

Reading the Room

Esther Lindström examines instructional practices for teaching reading to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

On the Cover

There is no such thing as a mere academic exercise. Everything we do is intended to inform our understanding of the world and our place in it, whereby we can act more wisely and see the results of our actions more clearly. Welcome to research at Lehigh.

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