Laura Turner

Laura Turner
Soaring Together: I Can Do Hard Things - Whitney Levine ’10

I knew going into college that I was interested in engineering, but I had no clue what discipline I wanted to pursue.

Soaring Together: I Believe in Choosing Your Own Path - Hetal Jani ’05

With Lehigh being strong in many areas, it became clear that Lehigh would be a great fit to explore my interests.

Soaring Together: You Can’t Be Afraid of Failure - Jennifer Gentile Long ’93

When I think back to growing up, my father definitely talked about women at Lehigh and that they weren’t permitted to attend when he was there and that he found that to be a tragedy.

Soaring Together: A Metamorphosis Occurs - Sherrie Blevins Green '84

I received my Lehigh acceptance letter with an invitation to attend prospective freshmen weekend.

Soaring Together: Things Do Start Somewhere - Susan Sachs ’77

When I entered Lehigh in the fall of ’73, following the 1972 passage of Title IX, it hadn’t occurred to me that there wouldn’t be a sports program.

Soaring Together: 50 Years of Coeducation

Celebrating the women of Lehigh at a milestone moment in the university’s storied history

Sustainability at Lehigh By the Numbers

Facts and figures about sustainability at Lehigh

Healing Hoboken: The Connection Between Community and Environmental Stewardship

Sustainability isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of casinos, but it was casino development that launched Jennifer Gonzalez '08 '09G on the path to her current role as director of environmental services and chief sustainability officer for the City of Hoboken.

Fighting for Environmental Justice in Puerto Rico

Ruth Santiago's formal fight against environmental injustice began more than two decades ago in Puerto Rico, where she has built a reputation as a community activist.

Innovating Outdoor Wear at Patagonia, for the Sake of the Environment

As head of materials innovation and development at Patagonia, Matt Dwyer '06 helps to execute the company's mission statement: "We’re a business to save our home planet."

Seeking Climate Change Solutions―in the Arctic and Beyond

Victoria Herrmann '12 is making an impact on climate change issues on the national and international stage.

Cleaning Up the Plastic Pollution in the Ocean―One Skateboard at a Time

Lehigh alumni Kevin Ahearn ’07 and David Stover ’07, along with their partner and friend, Ben Knepper, turned their passion for sustainability and love of surfing and oceans into a workable business model that is helping to remedy a major environmental hazard.

Striving for Sustainability

As Lehigh unfolds its bold, new sustainability plan, we highlight six alumni who are doing their part for a more sustainable planet.

Can we save our dying oceans?

Oceans define our home planet, covering more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and driving the weather and climatic patterns that are essential to life. Maintaining the economic and life-support value of the ocean relies on preserving the well-being of its ecosystems.

Can artificial intelligence lead to a more humane society?

In my view, our society is increasingly moving toward a world in which humans and machines become integral parts of critical systems. The boundary between human work and machine work is becoming ever more blurred, as well as the boundary between decisions made by humans and decisions made by artificial intelligence.

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Would Michael Phelps have won 23 Olympic gold medals if he had never had access to a pool? While he may have been born with genetics that supported athleticism and a competitive spirit, would he have won more medals than any other athlete without awareness, opportunity, training, coaching and conditioning? At Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation, we provide just that: awareness, opportunity, training, coaching and conditioning.