Sustainability at Lehigh By the Numbers

Facts and figures about sustainability at Lehigh

Story by

Laura Turner

Sustainability at Lehigh By the Numbers


113Number of near-term, intermediate-term, and long-term goals in Lehigh’s Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030

100Percentage of Lehigh’s current electricity consumption that will be offset by renewable energy in 2023

2030Year by which Lehigh will transition its campus fleet to run exclusively on renewable energy


32Number of local farms (within 250 miles) that Lehigh purchased food from in 2020

27Sets of smart, solar-powered trash and recycling bins currently installed on campus

5,250Pounds of leftover food donated to a soup kitchen and local shelters in 2020

4Electric vehicle charging stations (with two ports each) currently installed to support plug-in vehicles

10+Number of student clubs currently related to sustainability

80.5Percentage of Lehigh’s construction and demolition materials diverted through recycling, donation, or other forms of recovery in 2018-2019

9All-electric or hybrid-electric vehicles/buses currently in use on campus

67.6Percentage of research-producing departments engaged in sustainability research in 2019-2020

1.8+Million plastic bottles diverted from landfills since 2014

50+Number of water bottle refill stations installed since 2014

20.3Percentage of ‘real’ food (local/community-based, fair trade, ecologically sound and humane) served on campus in 2019-2020

9Years Lehigh has participated in the national Campus Race to Zero Waste (formerly known as RecycleMania) competition

Story by

Laura Turner