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Living at Lehigh

Residence halls are not only where you sleep, study and hang out, but also where the intersection of your education, identity and society begins. Current students who are looking for specific housing details like floor plans, room rates, room assignment information and more, please visit Lehigh Housing Services.

Lehigh Housing

Think of “Residence Life” as one of the aspects of Lehigh that turns a campus into a community—your community. Each residential building cultivates that sense of community through spaces on campus where students can meet and mingle. So, grab coffee or a bite to eat with the neighbors. Talk to your Gryphon. Choose to Live Lehigh.

At Lehigh, all first- and second-year students must live in on-campus housing. Upperclass students may also request to live on campus and will be granted if space permits.

Check out Lehigh's newest residential building, Singleton, Hitch and Maida Houses, housing second-, third- and fourth-year students >

Lehigh offers a variety of residence halls conveniently located throughout the Asa Packer campus. While you'll be assigned to a residence hall as a first-year student, you will have the opportunity to request the type of residential housing that best fits your needs. Second-year students can select their building and/or type of housing. Third-, fourth- and fifth-year students can participate in a lottery to select their building and/or type of housing.

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Lehigh offers a variety of lifestyle options for sophomore, junior and senior students, including apartment living. The campus features five fantastic complexes: Brodhead House, Farrington Square, Sayre Park Village, Singleton, Hitch & Maida houses and Trembley Park. Each apartment complex offers a distinct location and living environment.

Apartment/Suite housing is offered as all-gender or co-ed style.

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Lehigh has a strong Greek community dating back more than 100 years. Most students interested in Greek life can find a house that reflects their individual needs and interests.

Most of Lehigh’s fraternities and sororities have their own chapter houses, mainly located on the “Hill” along Upper and Lower Sayre Park roads. As part of Lehigh’s fraternity and sorority community, students have the chance to develop lasting friendships with the other members of the house, have numerous opportunities to gain leadership experience and play an important role in life on and off campus.

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Themed Housing Communities have been intentionally designed to help students make connections within the campus and South Bethlehem community. Themed Housing Communities provide an opportunity for students to create connections to peers, faculty and staff with similar interests.

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Lehigh-affiliated housing refers to housing facilities that serve undergraduate and graduate students developed under a direct agreement between Lehigh University and a collegiate housing third-party owner and manager. Juniors, seniors and graduate students who choose to live in Lehigh-affiliated housing contract directly with the owner and are responsible for all applicable expenses, including but not limited to: deposits, damage fees and cancellation fees. All expenses are paid directly to the owner by the student. SouthSide Commons is available to juniors, seniors and graduate students as Lehigh-affiliated housing. Greystar, one of the nation’s largest developers of collegiate student housing communities, owns, manages and operates SouthSide Commons.

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It is important to consider all variables and be well-informed of the particulars of living off campus before deciding to do so. On our website, you will find information about the responsibilities, opportunities, decision-making processes and tricks and tips from fellow Lehigh students on their off-campus living experiences. Helpful information has been compiled to benefit not only prospective off-campus students but also students currently living off campus, and those actively making the transition.

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Lehigh is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate housing accommodations to students with disabilities who need accessible housing.

Residence Life and Housing Services works closely with Disability Support Services to respond to the individual needs of students with disabilities in the residential setting. Any student requesting a disability housing accommodation must submit a completed request in accordance with posted deadlines for the housing application.

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The Residential Experience

Students who choose on-campus housing enjoy a number of added benefits. Lehigh offers unique programs and meaningful support to make living on campus as enjoyable, and valuable, as possible.

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Gryphons, often referred to as Resident Advisors at other institutions, act as mentors, answer questions and provide helpful information. They also develop and plan fun on-­ and off­-campus activities and trips.

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Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) strives to improve the quality of life in all residence halls through social and educational programming, leadership development and student advocacy. RHA is comprised of students from each residential area, totaling over 2,500 members and constituents.

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Students in residence hall room

Learn Where You Live

The Residential Studying & Tutoring program (RST), developed jointly by the Center for Academic Success and the Office of Residence Life provides students with the opportunity to study with peers and seek the help of knowledgeable tutors to help promote effective study habits and bring academic support into the residence halls for some of Lehigh's most challenging and demanding courses.

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Student Housing Stories

With so many options for on-campus and off-campus housing, it’s hard to know what will be right for you so we’re sharing a few examples of how students carved out their own residential living path at Lehigh.

Students holding a "Beat Lafayette" scarf

My Campus Housing Experience: Living in Residence Halls Can Help Create Lifelong Friendships

"The circle of friends, hallmates, and neighbors we’ve met and developed along the way has created a long-lasting community for us here and I truly owe it all to that first move-in day in August of 2017."

Learn more about Jisu's housing journey >

Large group of students

My Campus Housing Experience: Lessons learned as a housing resident and a Gryphon resident advisor

"I am really appreciative of my time living on campus, especially because of the friends I made and the lessons I learned both as a resident and a Gryphon."

Learn more about Ryder's housing journey >

Find Your Housing

Below is a listing of all the residence halls at Lehigh. The information below provides a broad overview of each housing unit. In order to find specific information such as features, types of rooms, amenities, photos and maps, visit Lehigh’s Housing Services Office for those details along with rates, move-in information, application details and more.

”Blended” refers to housing that is available to second-, third-, and fourth-year students.

Building Name

Available To

Building Features


Brodhead House
Suite Style

Available to: Blended Features:
  • Air Conditioned
  • Dining hall on first floor
  • Fitness on third floor
  • Elevator
Available to: Blended
  • Air Conditioned
  • Dining hall on first floor
  • Fitness on third floor
  • Elevator


Available to: Blended Features:
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Cafe/Coffee House and fitness center in Hitch House
  • Multipurpose studio in Maida House
Available to: Blended
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Cafe/Coffee House and fitness center in Hitch House
  • Multipurpose studio in Maida House