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Undergraduate Application for Financial Aid & Forms

Lehigh University strives to meet the calculated financial need for all students who submit a complete aid application by our given deadlines. Review the important steps, required financial aid application materials and other forms below to learn how to apply for financial aid.

The Office of Financial Aid invites you to contact them to discuss the application process if you need assistance. Each student has an assigned financial aid counselor to help with all of your financial aid questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Students who submit a complete financial aid application after our deadlines are at risk of not being funded and may be added to a waitlist for institutional need-based funds.

Application Steps

The following steps are required for all incoming, domestic students who are applying for need-based institutional aid. If you are applying for federal aid only, you will only need to submit the FAFSA. 

  1. Submit the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  2. Complete the 2022-2023 CSS Profile

  3. Submit 2020 federal income tax return

    • If either parent is required to file a tax return, please submit a signed copy of their 2020 federal income tax return, along with all accompanying schedules & W-2 forms.
    • If the student is required to file a tax return, please submit a signed copy of the 2020 federal income tax return, along with all accompanying schedules & W-2 forms. Please submit all 2020 W-2’s if the student is not required to file.
    • If either parent is self-employed or an owner (part or full) of a corporation/partnership, submit signed copies of the 2020 business tax returns (Schedule C, corporate tax returns and/or partnership tax returns).
  4. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Waiver (recommended, not required)

    • Complete this form to allow the Office of Financial Aid to provide financial aid information to parents or third parties.
  5. Certificate of Finances (non-citizen applicants only)

    • International applicants must complete the Certificate of Finances as a step in their admission application process. The completed Certificate of Finances form should be submitted via the LU FileSender or emailed directly to by the specified deadline for their applicant type. The Certificate of Finances is not required for U.S. Citizens, eligible non-U.S. Citizens, undocumented applicants or applicants with DACA status.


This is a master list with links to all applications and forms related to the need-based financial aid process. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that all application materials are received by the deadline.

NOTE: Additional forms may be requested on a case-by-case basis and can be accessed by clicking the requirement in the Lehigh portal (or by contacting our office).

Applications & Forms for the 2022-2023 Award Year

Applications & Forms for International Students

View more information on applying for international financial aid >

Winter, Summer or Short-term Financial Aid Application

Students enrolling in a winter, summer or short-term session may apply with the Office of Financial Aid for loan consideration only.  Students should complete the application below for the appropriate academic year.

Loan Forms

Should you be offered and accept federal or institutional loans, our office will notify you of additional requirements that must be completed in order to receive this funding. The following are some of these requirements:

Academic Petitions for Financial Aid

All financial aid eligibility is based on students’ Satisfactory Academic Progress toward their undergraduate degree.  If students fail to meet the minimum academic standards, they will be ineligible to receive need-based aid moving forward, but they may complete and submit an Academic Petition for Financial Aid.  The petition is an opportunity for students to explain why they failed to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and may result in continued financial aid support on a probationary status.

Petition for Review of Financial Aid Eligibility: this main Academic Petition form is required of any student failing to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Petition for Institutional Aid (beyond eight consecutive semesters): This form is specifically for students petitioning to receive financial aid beyond eight consecutive undergraduate semesters.

Petition for Institutional Aid (interruption of eight consecutive semesters): This form is for students who have achieved Satisfactory Academic Progress in terms of G.P.A. and full-time enrollment, but have had a break in their enrollment for any reason (leave of absence or medical withdrawal).

Petition for Institutional Aid (part-time in last semester): This form is for final term seniors who do not require full-time enrollment to complete remaining bachelor's degree requirements. 

If students are concerned about their financial aid eligibility related to the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, or uncertain of which form above to complete, please contact our office.

Submitting Materials via FileSender

Lehigh is not an IDOC-participating school. Parent and student tax information, and any supplemental documentation, should be submitted directly to Lehigh via LU FileSender (preferred), mail or in-person.

Important Deadlines

Student Type Application Deadline Award Notification
Early Decision I November 1 Mid-December
Early Decision II January 1 Mid-February
Regular Decision February 1
(Non-U.S. citizens: January 1)
Late March
Current Students March 15 Mid-June
Fall Transfer April 1 Late May
Spring Transfer November 1 Late December