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Financial Literacy for College Students: CommonCents Financial Wellness Program


Being a college student is stressful enough—your finances don’t have to be!

The CommonCents Financial Wellness program was designed to provide students with the necessary information to reduce financial stressors during and after enrollment at Lehigh and to maximize opportunities to become financially successful. Students will be invited to attend financial wellness presentations throughout the year and given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Peer Financial Educator. These volunteers will help you identify your own financial goals and create strategies to reach those goals.

Peer to Peer Financial Counseling

Need some help sorting out your financial concerns? Have a question about your student loan repayment? Need help with your budget or figuring out how to afford your social life? If so, the CommonCents program is the place to go. All Lehigh students are eligible to schedule a meeting with one of our Peer Financial Educators (PFE). Our PFEs are undergraduate students who have been trained to assist you with many financial topics such as (but not limited to) loan repayment, credit counseling, and budgeting your earnings to save for books, supplies, study abroad related expenses, or even that spring break trip you have been hoping to go on. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our peers, we encourage you to complete the inquiry form to be matched with a peer.

Financial Literacy Workshop for College Students

Do you work with a group of students who would like to learn more about financial wellness topics? If so, a Peer Financial Educator or a representative from the Financial Aid Office is happy to assist you. We are available to host a presentation on a wide array of topics such as:

  • Introduction to Budgeting
  • Making Your Refund Last
  • How to Create a Spending Plan for Financial Goals
  • Building, Establishing & Using Credit
  • Financing Your Education & Loan Repayment

Email us at to submit a request for a group presentation.

Financial Literacy Resources for College Students

Online Learning Tools

  • CashCourse is an online money management learning tool. All Lehigh students are eligible to use this free resource!
  • Crash Course in Credit by is an online learning tool that provides you with valuable information regarding credit scores.
  • MoneySmarts U is a web-based financial education platform that can teach you what you need to know about money. It features the MoneySmarts library, which includes videos, podcasts, blog posts and articles that tackle just about any financial topic you can think of. Students are encouraged to create an account and calculate their MoneySmarts U Score, a metric that reflects your current level of MoneySmarts.
  • On Your Own is a website dedicated to resources and tips for living wisely on your own.
  • is designed for high school educators. This website has many great videos, books and activities on a variety of financial wellness topics.

Free Budgeting Resources

  • Mint syncs up with your actual bank account and provides you with your spending data! There is also an app you can download.
  • MoneyStrands is similar to Mint. The app features a unique calendar that allows you to view your monthly bills and due dates. You can also set goals for yourself by adding pictures so that you can visualize your goal and track how much you’ve saved!
  • Albert- Money Management is a free app that allows you to text a financial question and helps you find savings you're missing, identify bills you're overpaying and pay down debt faster.

Student Loan Resources

  • ELMSelect allows you to view the most commonly used private student loan lenders of Lehigh students over the past three years. Though you are not required to choose off this list, it is a great place to start comparing loan options.
  • Federal Loan Repayment Calculator allows you to calculate the estimated monthly payment based on different loan repayment options.
  • National Student Loan Data System allows you to view your federal loan history and provides your loan servicer information.

Credit Report & Score

  • Annual Credit Report allows you to review your own credit report free of charge once a year from each of the three credit bureaus.
  • Discover Credit Score Card currently offers the ability to check your FICO score without a hard hit to your credit. This service is free of charge—you needn’t be a card member in order to request the benefit.

Career and Professional Development

  • Lehigh’s Career & Professional Development Office is available to assist in developing career skills such as resume/cover letter, interviewing, networking and job/internship searches. The office will also assist with expertise and questions, such as job offer and salary negotiations, and career explorations.