Volunteering in a Crisis

Welcome to the Volunteering in a Crisis page, where Lehigh University employees can learn about volunteering, check their eligibility, and enroll or modify their volunteer selections and contact information.

During the last few years Lehigh University’s campus has experienced weather, health and safety-related disruptions that have forced the temporary closure of University buildings and at times the relocation of students. We cannot assume these are isolated incidents. Severe weather, power outages and other crises are best dealt with by planning ahead.

Our staff has responded admirably during these crises by volunteering in large numbers to ensure our students and community remain safe. However, organizing volunteers can be a burden during a crisis. By indicating your willingness to volunteer, as well as the services you can provide and the best way to reach you in a time of crisis, Lehigh University will have an ongoing database of potential volunteers to assist at a moment’s notice.

Can’t volunteer when the time comes? That’s OK. We realize a crisis may also affect you personally. Enrolling does not require you to volunteer.

Want more information about your eligibility to volunteer? You may not be eligible, or you may already be identified as “Essential Services Staff” who automatically respond during a campus crisis. Read the Volunteering Eligibility/FAQ document located on the Enrollment Page for complete details.

How to Enroll, Remove Yourself or Modify Your Volunteer Selections & Contact Information

To enroll, sign in to Connect Lehigh using your network login and password. On the Connect Lehigh page, first click Banner to access the Lehigh Enterprise Wide Information System and from there, click the Employee tab. Then click the Volunteer to Assist During Crisis Situations option. Enroll by selecting one or more Volunteer Services options and providing your contact information for crisis situations. You can also remove yourself from the database.

Enroll to Volunteer in a Crisis >

Volunteer Services include:

  • Complete remote work such as staffing a phone bank or contact tracing

  • Distribute food or emergency supplies (on campus)

  • Disseminate Information

  • Assist with on-campus Shelter Operations, which may include day and/or night on-site operations, distributing food and sundries, and assisting Residence Life staff.

Enter your Preferred Contact information. Your preferred contact information is this the best way to reach you in the event of a crisis or a power outage on campus. This information is confidential and will only be used for the purpose of communicating during a crisis.

To Complete Your Enrollment or Remove Yourself, click the appropriate box at the bottom of the screen.

For more information, read the Volunteering Eligibility/FAQ document located on the Enrollment Page or call Risk Management at (610) 758-3899