Stories about chemical and biomolecular engineering

A beloved instructor, Grassi taught courses in all four years of chemical engineering education. 

Steven McIntosh and his colleagues have demonstrated the utility of biomineralization to realize benign synthesis of functional materials for use in the energy sector.

Jagota and his team seek to improve friction of soft materials.

Studying colloidal crystallization, Lehigh scientists show that kinetic effects may be unable to fully explain the appearance of structural transformations and that surface thermodynamics can be critical for driving transformations between crystal structures.

The lecture will begin at 2:30 pm on March 20 in the Governor’s Suite of Iacocca Hall.

Professor Kelly Schultz presents new research on cross-linked polymer interactions’ impact on gel structure, which could improve tailoring of implantable scaffolds to regrow tissue.

The engineering professor has led global efforts to develop sustainable water-treatment systems.

Leah Spangler and William Taifan are graduate students in chemical engineering.

Lehigh-Cardiff team achieves conversion with gold-palladium nanoparticles.

Engineers recover nutrients from wastewater with greater efficiency.