Stories about bioengineering

Jagota and his team seek to improve friction of soft materials.

Chow and her team have demonstrated a new method to create continuous, highly organized scaffolds for tissue regeneration.

Lesley Chow and her team present a new 3D printing platform to fabricate multi-component scaffolds that “steal from nature” to engineer tissues organized like native tissues.

A team of scientists, inspired by snail biology, has created a reversible superglue-like material.

The Lehigh students and one recent alumna are among the 2,051 students offered fellowships in 2019.

The discovery of a new three-dimensional shape could advance understanding of cell topology and the field of regenerative medicine.

A team of Lehigh researchers works to characterize blood's mysterious protein.

Lehigh engineers have developed a simple model for virus-host cell interaction driven by Ebola’s adhesion to cell surface receptors.

The study, the result of a United States-European Union collaboration including the team of Lehigh professor Javier Buceta, could lead to advancements in tissue engineering.

Innovative microfluidic device could help detect metastasis earlier, guide therapeutic decisions and predict overall survival.