Research Review

2023 Volume No. 7

Research Review

Gloria Naylor

Celebrating Gloria Naylor

An interdisciplinary project invites a broad audience to engage with the archive of a celebrated author in a variety of ways.

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Modern Islam and the West

Khurram Hussain, associate professor of religion studies, takes a human-centered approach to reimagine where modern Islam belongs in the West.

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Understanding How Human Tissues Work

E. Thomas Pashuck Designs Novel Biomaterials for Applications in Regenerative Medicine

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The Politics of Junk Food

Eduardo J. Gómez investigates how processed food companies sway politics and policy in emerging economies.

Illustration of a giant bull head with two people cultivating meat from it

Cultivating Lab-Grown Meat

Kelly Schultz leads a team of researchers in a project considered key to future sustainability.

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Creating a New Generation of Electronics

Elsa Reichmanis is researching materials that could create stretchable polymer semiconductors.

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Letter From Our Leadership

What ties the stories in this issue of the Lehigh Research Review together so that they are more than a collection of stories about discovery and creativity? It’s the importance of working in an interdisciplinary environment.

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Teaching in a Complex World

How do we show up as educators in places not necessarily home to us, with students and local residents both like and unlike us—all with our own fears and desires—to create meaningful engagements that positively shape our shared future?

More Stories

illustration for how the pandemic affected the workplace

The Pandemic and the Workplace

Liuba Belkin’s research gives insight into how human resources professionals can manage the ‘new normal’ of remote work.

Private Equity’s Playbook

Laura Katz Olson investigates the impact private equity firms have on the health care industry.

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The Ethics of Xenotransplantation

Michael Gusmano examines the ethics and politics of animal-tohuman organ transplants.

Educational Leadership in an Increasingly Diverse Society

Floyd Beachum, along with two co-authors, updated a previous version of his book for school administrators and teacher leaders.

Illustration of multiple skulls

The Forefront of Experimental Evolution

Gregory Lang develops a mechanistic understanding of genome evolution through experiments with yeast.

Hitting a Nerve

Mayuresh Kothare develops tools for optimizing treatment of medical conditions via neurostimulation of peripheral nerves.

Illustration of snake over yellow tile with a red latter at the bottom

Dice, Divination and the Silk Road

Constance Cook decodes an ancient manuscript to find a connection between gaming and divination.

Why Women are Underrepresented In Innovation

Gauri Subramani examines the implications of representation on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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What's So Special About this Place?

Public art by Wes Heiss in two Denver neighborhoods seeks to engage the public while exploring each place’s unique past, present and future.

Teacher writing something on paper and explaining it to child sitting at the table

Helping Autism Educators Through Project STAY

Kristi Morin develops Project STAY to help new teachers working with autistic students and improve teacher retention.

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The Perils and Future of Journalism

Mariana De Maio studies the risks and threats against journalists around the world and looks at the direction the profession is headed.

A Radar for Risk

Bridget Dever helps schools identify students at high risk for behavioral and emotional disorders.

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Automating Fairness

David Rea studies ways to embed fairness in operational systems for service industries, including health care and food distribution.

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Exploring the Force that Binds the Universe

Rosi Reed and Anders Knospe lead pioneering experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory to better understand the strong nuclear force responsible for all matter.

On the Cover

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Collaboration among faculty from across disciplines is critical to advancing research and addressing the world’s complex problems. By talking with each other and thinking about each other’s work, we can begin to pose larger questions.

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