Research Review

2021 Volume No. 6

Research Review

People walking on a bridge with people swimming in the water below

The Other Side of Censorship

Thomas Chen explores how 30 years of censorship of Chinese literature and film related to the Tiananmen Square Massacre have shaped public discourse.

Bird flying over illustrations of people covered in white

Embracing Waste

Mary Foltz examines the ways several postmodern authors produce scatological works to critique how humans treat each other and the natural world.

Uğur Z. Peçe

Reducing Health Disparities in Native Populations

Christine Makosky Daley and Sean Daley lead a team of researchers in a holistic approach to well-being.

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Accidental Tourists

Andreea Kiss examines the cognitive underpinnings of firm international opportunity recognition.

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Predicting Successful Materials Design

Ganesh Balasubramanian applies computational modeling and predictive engineering to understand the mechanical properties of multi-principal element alloys.

Pieces of a disciplinary slip

A Vicious Cycle

Kaitlin Anderson explores the relationship between disciplinary responses to student behavior and students’ academic outcomes.

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