Lehigh's Health, Science and Technology Building

The Health, Science and Technology Building, home to Lehigh's College of Health. Emma Closter '24 is the first student from the college to participate in Lehigh's United Nations Partnership. Photo by Douglas Benedict/Academic Image.

Lehigh Student Represents College of Health in United Nations Partnership

Emma Closter ’24 is the first United Nations Partnership representative from the College of Health.

Lehigh University’s United Nations Partnership recently named Emma Closter ’24 as the first-ever youth representative from the College of Health.

Youth representatives work with non-governmental organizations across six continents and focus on issues including gender equality and justice, global health, international peace, and sustainability of cities and communities.

Closter is studying population health as part of the inaugural class of the College of Health (COH). She is interested in health policy and how political systems influence decisions, and she is eager to understand how and why policies vary so greatly among countries and cities. Some of her other interests include the delivery of health information, as well as the digital and technology side of health.

Since starting her studies, Closter said that she’s learned a lot about the role of international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization. She appreciates their impact on global health, and after hearing about the youth representative program, she wanted to get more involved.

Emma Closter

Emma Closter '24, is the first Lehigh United Nations Partnership representative from the College of Health.

Her position focuses on health-related topics at Lehigh. She chose several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to cover and speaks with students and faculty to bring the school’s voice to the floor of the general assembly. There, she has the opportunity to advocate on topics related to the agenda of the UN. 

Closter is excited to plan ideas surrounding the goals of sustainable cities and communities, climate action, and peace, justice and strong institutions. She believes that these topics are most relevant on college campuses where students will feel a drive to address them. In time, Closter hopes to bring speakers to Lehigh who address these goals, and she wants to connect and collaborate with existing Lehigh clubs to bridge a connection between them and the COH.

Closter is already heavily involved in other areas around Lehigh’s campus. She participates in Student Senate and is an Orientation Leader and a Peer Health Advisor. Of all of her roles, she can already see this opportunity as the most unique and having the most potential for real-world impact. 

Next year, Closter hopes to go abroad to Geneva, Switzerland. She will apply for programs incorporating internship opportunities so that she can carry out her role in some capacity. 

Though this year will be virtual, Closter is looking forward to visiting the UN and connecting with peers focusing on other world issues. She is already collaborating with COH faculty and thinking about how to get other Lehigh students involved in her causes.

Story by Caroline Coffey '22

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