Stories about College of Health

The article is published in the journal Health Economics, Policy and Law.

Community and business leaders are welcomed to campus for discussion on the role of universities in fostering innovation.

Lehigh students and Bethlehem community collaborate to address persistent waste challenges.

The agreement  will aid in Indigenous research opportunities and establish a historic preservation office on campus. Lehigh is situated on Delaware Nation’s ancestral lands.

A grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission will help the Pennsylvania Tourism Office, in partnership with Lehigh, to develop a plan for collecting Indigenous histories.

Twenty-six students showcase their research on health-related topics.

Although we are a small college, we have a big mission,’ the new dean says as family, friends and the Lehigh community gather in celebration.

Li's research focuses on designing intelligent learning and training applications, as well as investigating the mechanisms of learning and behavioral change.

Christine Makosky Daley and Sean M. Daley author a nuanced perspective of Native identity.

Dolan has served as the interim dean of the College of Health since 2020.