Lehigh Opens an Innovative College of Health

The university celebrated its first new college in 50 years.

College of Health Zoom participants

Lehigh officially welcomed the College of Health’s Inaugural Class of 2024 on Aug. 21, 2020. The opening of the new college was an important step forward in Lehigh’s history, as the university celebrated its first new college in 50 years.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact communities the world over, the college stands ready to take on both the pandemic and other emerging health problems. It offers undergraduate, graduate and executive degrees in population health, with a focus on innovation. 

“Talented students and researchers eager to innovate and collaborate will be drawn to Lehigh because of the College of Health and its potential for impact,” said President John D. Simon ’19P.

“Because of this college, Lehigh people will be leaders in industry and positioned at the forefront of innovative research. We’ll be influencing policy and practice, and we’ll be helping to improve the health of people in our community, as well as nationally and globally.”

The launch of the new college comes at a time of change in health and health care–one in which leaders in health care, academia, government and industry are thinking more broadly about the concept of “health.”

The Health, Science and Technology (HST) building will be the future home of the College of Health. The facility will foster innovation between the college and other researchers across the university. The building also will be a community health space, allowing Lehigh to forge partnerships with local entities. It is expected to be completed in 2021. 

The college recently launched its Population Health Colloquium Series, which will bring together local, national and international leaders to examine today’s most pressing population health challenges. Journalist, author and motivational speaker Joan Lunden hosted the inaugural lecture on “The Media’s Role in Guiding Populations During Health Crises.”

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