Kelly Hochbein

Manager, Editorial Services

Office of Communications and Public Affairs

(610) 758-4746

Kelly Hochbein is a member of the editorial team in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. She serves as editor of the Lehigh Research Review and as an associate editor of the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin. She also writes and edits for Lehigh’s news websites and other publications, covering events, research and news from all four colleges.

Hochbein holds a B.A. in English and a master’s degree in education from the University of Notre Dame. She worked as a teacher and a freelance writer before her arrival at Lehigh in 2014. 

Jennifer Swann Named Ombudsperson

Swann joins Anne Meltzer in the Ombuds Office, an important resource available to all members of the Lehigh community.

Public-Health Prognosticators: Forecasting Public Health Events

Biostatistician Thomas McAndrew combines computational models and models of human judgment to build more accurate forecasts.

Esther Lindström Studies Reading Instruction Practices for Students with IDD in Self-Contained Settings

Lindström examines instructional practices for teaching reading to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Eugene Han Tracks Eye Movement to Understand Visual Perception of Art and Space

Han analyzes eye movements to integrate theories of phenomenological aesthetics with the psychology of perception.

Kathleen Hutnik Named Associate Deputy Provost for Graduate Education

Hutnik has served as associate dean for graduate student life since 2014.

Ethan Van Norman Receives APA’s Prestigious Lightner Witmer Award

The APA’s Division of School Psychology early career award recognizes Van Norman’s significant contributions to the field.

Health, Science and Technology Building Takes Shape

Lehigh’s new HST Building will open in Fall 2021.

Joseph J. Helble ’82 Named Lehigh’s 15th President

Helble, currently provost of Dartmouth College, will assume the presidency on August 16.

Serendipitous Internationalization: How Entrepreneurs Identify and Exploit Opportunities for International Exchange

Andreea Kiss examines the cognitive underpinnings of firm international opportunity recognition.

Kaitlin Anderson Seeks to Understand the Impact of School Suspensions on Academic Outcomes

Kaitlin Anderson explores the relationship between disciplinary responses to student behavior and students’ academic outcomes.

Lehigh to Host Two-Day Virtual Program on the Impact of Everyday Trauma and Pain

‘Reporting on and Living in Times of Trauma’ will feature two moderated panel discussions on March 23 and 24.

Lehigh Community Plans for Spring Wellness Week

The university encourages the campus community to focus on personal well-being during the week of March 22, which normally would be spring break.

David Ignatius Reflects on ‘Snapshots from a Journalist’s Notebook’

Ignatius, a novelist and longtime Washington Post columnist, delivers virtual 2021 Kenner Lecture.

Lab Learning From a Distance

Xiaoji Xu, assistant professor of chemistry, and a team of students develop virtual reality tool to help instructors provide lab-based experiences to students without bringing them into the lab.

Understanding Resilience: The Impact of COVID-19

In the face of a global pandemic, a team of Lehigh researchers switches gears to study how individuals perceive, respond to and recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Reflections on Leadership and Change

Pat Farrell steps down after 11 years as Lehigh’s provost and vice president for academic affairs. 

Bound Together by Humanity

The Lehigh Humanities Lab fosters discourse and expands horizons for faculty and students across disciplines.

Volkmar Dierolf Demonstrates the Possibility of Color Tuning GaN-based LEDs

Dierolf’s work with gallium nitride-based LEDs could pave the way for more comfortable artificial light that’s better for human health.