Integrated Business and Health (IBH)

Integrated Degree in Business and Health Overview

The inter-college interdisciplinary program in Business and Health, Integrated Business and Health (IBH), trains students to become leaders in the health industry by developing an understanding of the core principles of business alongside an in-depth knowledge of health economics and policy. The program prepares future leaders of the health industry to better understand and address the vital conditions that shape community health and promote health equity.

Integrated Business and Health offers undergraduate students interested in the health and healthcare industries the opportunity to combine knowledge and skills gained through the core curriculum offered by the College of Business with in-depth, interdisciplinary training in health economics, health policy and community health offered by the College of Health. The program will also train students to understand the social determinants of health and how to work with communities to develop and implement solutions to community health challenges.

The program incorporates an integrated seminar in the freshman year and a senior year capstone experience. These two seminars will provide students the opportunity to reflect on the connections between the business aspects of healthcare and insurance and society’s commitment to promoting the health of its members through both government and community-based initiatives.

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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Business and Health

Business and Health Career Opportunities

Health is a large and growing dimension of the U.S. economy and offers a range of career opportunities to students who understand core business principles and have the substantive knowledge to apply these principles within the health sector.

Graduates of the program will have the unique ability to effectively lead their organizations and navigate them through the complex institutional structures and policies of the healthcare sector, and by doing so, devise solutions to one of society’s most pressing challenges; the equitable promotion of population health in a resource-constrained environment.

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