Stories about mechanical engineering and mechanics

Balasubramanian focuses on understanding the mechanical properties of multi-principal element alloys through computational and experimental methods and predictive engineering.

Hannah Dailey ’02 ’06G ’09G seeks to bridge the gap in clinicians’ ability to predict how quickly bones heal.

The Lehigh students and one recent alumna are among the 2,051 students offered fellowships in 2019.

Professor Arindam Banerjee’s Rayleigh-Taylor-instability experiments confirm that the instability of elastic-plastic material is a function of initial conditions, such as amplitude and wavelength.

Lehigh researchers study two approaches to achieving and maintaining nuclear fusion: magnetic confinement and inertial confinement.

His three-year term with the leadership organization runs through 2020.

His projects include the creation of tools that aid in early cancer detection.

Geoffrey Andrews ’15 now models rocket engines at Purdue while working for NASA.

Researchers also hope to improve the design of planes, cars and underwater vehicles.

Brandon Krick inspires new engineering techniques with a 3-D wear model developed for a study of Triceratops teeth.