Stories about Martin Harmer

Using a large, unstructured dataset gleaned from 25,000 images, scientists demonstrate a novel machine learning technique to identify structural similarities and trends in materials for the first time.

The three-day NSF workshop invited participants from multiple disciplines to explore real-world challenges. 

Ph.D. student Kevin Anderson wins “Best of Show” at international gathering of materials scientists.

Lehigh’s first Presidential Engineering Research Initiative seeks to unlock the potential of untapped data.

Discovery could lead to alloys engineered with superior properties and greater ductility and strength.

Four Lehigh faculty members talk about their passion for their work--and the many ways Lehigh has supported them in their research endeavors.

Martin Harmer's research could fundamentally transform basic understanding of thermal processes, leading to revolutionary advances in the performance and applications of materials. The W.M. Keck Foundation has awarded Harmer a $1 million grant to discover and study the mechanisms that govern anti-thermal processes that appear to reverse nature.

Materials scientist wins coveted Keck Foundation grant and $1 million for "groundbreaking research."