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Lehigh researchers and colleagues find youth with ADHD are at a greater risk of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and disruptions.

Research shows public schools are facing unprecedented challenges related to student success as the pandemic continues to halt in-person instruction.

New research from George DuPaul and colleagues is the first to examine the long-term academic outcomes of college students with ADHD, finding students with ADHD receive lower grades and are at higher risk of dropping out. 

The College of Education's George J. DuPaul, Lee Kern, Bridget V. Dever and the College of Business's Shin-Yi Chou will collaborate on the research.

Study is the largest of children and teens with ADHD ever conducted in the United States

Largest national study of youth with ADHD reveals gaps between student needs and school services, particularly in secondary school and for non-English speakers and lower-income families.

Maternal race may impact racial differences in ADHD diagnosis more than child race, researchers report.

In his new role, DuPaul will be responsible for improving the College's robust research profile.

Lehigh researchers George DuPaul and Lee Kern report their findings in The Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology.