Liuba Belkin Explains the Importance of Unplugging After Work Hours

The professor of management encourages disconnecting after-hours in this TechTarget article.

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Emily Collins

TechTarget featured Liuba Belkin, associate professor of management, in the article "The right to disconnect vs. America's always-on culture."

Some researchers, including Belkin, point to health and safety issues with after-work communications. 

"When you are at work, you should be focused on your work," said Belkin. "We, as humans, have a very limited pool of resources: cognitive, physical, emotional. If you are responding to work email after hours, it's harmful because you're not detaching from work."

Belkin's research shows it's hard for many people to detach from work. 

In a survey of 570 working adults, Belkin and her co-researchers found that, on average, individuals reported spending almost eight hours a week monitoring work-related emails after hours, writes TechTarget.

"It's in the employer's best interest to protect an employee's non-work hours," suggests Belkin. "Employees will be more motivated and rejuvenated."

The full article can be read on the TechTarget website

Story by

Emily Collins

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