Emily Collins

Kelly Austin Finds Link Between Drought and Women and HIV in Less-Developed Countries

New research explores the consequences of drought and lack of environmental resources on women in less-developed countries and shows the direct and indirect associations to women’s percentage of HIV.

Ludovica Cesareo Discusses Marketing in the Fashion Industry

In a BBC article, the professor of marketing explains the need for authenticity in brands in the plus-size fashion industry.

Dominic Packer Explains How to Use Student Influencers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The psychology professor explains how schools can successfully use student influencers to warn peers about coronavrius.

PBS39’s Look at Lehigh's New College of Health

Lehigh opened the College of Health in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the need for education in this field.

Investing Overseas: How Multinational Firms Can Manage Corruption

New research from Charles Stevens, associate professor of management in the College of Business, provides unique insights on ways multinational firms can manage corruption.

Wonpil Im Featured in Wired Italia

The bioengineering professor discusses his work on the first open source model of the coronavirus spike protein.

Germán Cadenas' Research Is Featured by the American Psychological Association

Cadenas' research on race-based discrimination and psychological distress on undocumented immigrants is discussed.

Corinne Post Answers the Question 'Will Women Have to Work Harder After the Pandemic?' in BBC News

Post's work suggests implicit biases that slow down progress for women can re-emerge strongly during economic crises.

Sirry Alang Discusses Police Brutality as a Public Health Issue in Interview with SELF

The associate professor shares the importance of seeing police violence as a public health concern.

Suzanne M. Edwards and Larry Snyder Share Parenting and Working from Home Data with The Washington Post

The professors wrote about the difficulties of balancing work and parenting.

Stress and Resilience: Improving Reproductive Health Outcomes

A study by researchers at Lehigh seeks to analyze the relationship between stress and the way internal and social protective resources, also known as “personal capital,” affect the health of reproductive-aged women in vulnerable communities.