Emily Collins

How Institutions Can Support Students Returning to Campus

Brooke DeSipio and Lehigh's Office of Gender Violence Education and Support are featured in this APA article.

The Future of Data Science

In this article, Oliver Yao discusses technology and data science with Fortune.

The Impact of Book Bans

In this opinion article, Marilisa Jiménez Garcia writes about what's at risk when books are banned. 

Is Hoarding a Bad Idea During Times of Supply-Chain Uncertainty?

Phillip Coles shares his expertise and experience in this WSJ piece. 

LUAG Awarded Federal Grant for Program that Fosters Community Connections

The Institute of Museum and Library Services grant will support LUAG’s Taste of Art program.

How Lehigh Helps STEM Students Succeed

Lehigh's focus on research and community through the RARE program is featured in this Chronicle special report. 

How COVID-19 Increases Challenges for Youth with ADHD

Lehigh researchers and colleagues find youth with ADHD are at a greater risk of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and disruptions.

Multidisciplinary Research Team to Fight Disinformation With Digital Literacy Tools

The research group has been awarded a $750,000 National Science Foundation grant to improve user awareness and resilience.

Building a Culture of DEI in Research Groups

Donald Outing and Lesley Chow share with Science how they incorporate DEI initiatives in their research groups and classrooms. 

A Q&A with Political Science Professor Holona Ochs

The professor of political science discusses gender-based violence in Native American communities.

The Financial Viability of USPS

Jesus Salas, professor of finance, shares his expertise with KQED. 

Increasing Waste-to-Energy Production

Research from Carlos Romero, director of the Energy Research Center, is featured in Envirotec Magazine.

Getting Diverse Teams to Share a Vision

Dominic Packer's book and research is featured in this Business Insider article. 

The Impact of the #MeToo Era on Recovery and Resistance

Nicole Johnson explores the influence of digital activism on the resistance and recovery of sexual assault survivors. 

Naomi Rothman Suggests Leaders Embrace Emotional Ambivalence in Harvard Business Review article

The professor of management notes that sharing the feeling of ambivalence with your team can lead to creative problem solving. 

Lehigh Receives First Ever Bitcoin Gift

The gift will support programming for Lehigh’s Startup Academy.

Ahmed Rahman discusses new unemployment data with WLVR

The professor of economics is cautiously optimistic about the new data. 

Multitasking, Distraction & Consumer Behavior

Daniel Zane investigates what happens to consumers when they are distracted by a background ad while multitasking.

Supporting English Learners with Disabilities During Remote Learning and School Reopening

Sara Kangas, assistant professor of special education, recommends policy guidance specifically addressing the needs of English Learners with disabilities.

Understanding the Relationship Between Christianity and Violence

Lloyd Steffen's new book explores the meaning of violence in Christianity through insecurity and identity.