Microcredit, middle-class tax relief and the e-commerce explosion are among the topics explored on ilLUminate, the College of Business and Economics’ new online forum.

Launched in 2017, ilLUminate has three platforms—online posts, podcasts and an Executive Edge video series—that offer thoughtful perspectives from the college’s faculty, alumni and students on complex issues and questions related to business. All the platforms are updated continually.

Lehigh’s College of Business and Economics is home to some of the smartest and most creative thinkers it has ever been my pleasure to encounter,” said Dean Georgette Chapman Phillips in announcing ilLUminate. “I believe that the perspectives our faculty, alumni and students offer will challenge, stimulate and illuminate.”

The Executive Edge video series is produced specifically for executives and management professionals. David E. Welsh, the executive director of executive education at Lehigh, has conducted high-impact interviews with top business leaders that include Sanjay Shah ’89 MBA, founder of the global software company Vistex Inc. (see pg. 8), and Wall Street financier Joseph R. Perella ’64.

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