COVID-19 Experts

Expert COVID-19 Business

Ahmed Rahman

Ahmed Rahman: Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Economics of Financial Crises

Ahmed Rahman, associate professor in the department of economics at Lehigh Business, is an economics expert with research focusing on some of the big picture issues of economics, such as the long-run causes and consequences of economic growth, and the historic and contemporary relationships between economic and military power. Read more about Ahmed Rahman >

Zach G. Zacharia

Zach G. Zacharia: Supply Chain Operations, Global Supply Chain

Zach G. Zacharia, an associate professor of supply chain management and director of the Center for Supply Chain Research at the College of Business, is an expert in supply chain. Read more about Zach G. Zacharia >

COVID-19 Political Science

Anthony DiMaggio

Anthony DiMaggio: Inequality Studies, Interest Groups and Social Movements, The News Media, Public Opinion, and U.S. Foreign Policy

Anthony DiMaggio is an associate professor of political science. Professor DiMaggio's research is interdisciplinary, and is based in the fields of Political Science, Political Sociology, and Political Communication. Read more about Anthony DiMaggio >

Expert COVID-19 Population Health

Christine Daley

Christine Makosky Daley: Indigenous Health

Christine Makosky Daley, professor in Lehigh's College of Health, is an indigenous health expert. In her role as co-director of the Institute for Indigenous Studies, Professor Daley is working on a number of projects related to COVID-19, including the development of educational materials for American Indian communities and a survey to identify attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors surrounding COVID-19, infectious disease and pandemics, and trust in medical and public health professionals among Native populations. Read more about Christine Makosky Daley >

Headshot of Eduardo Gomez

Eduardo J. Gomez: Health Policy, Global Health, The Role of Politics in Health Outcomes

Eduardo J. Gomez, associate professor in Lehigh’s College of Health, is a public health expert whose work focuses on how politics and policy impact health outcomes in the U.S. and globally. Read more about Eduardo J. Gomez >

Fathima Wakeel of Lehigh University's College of Health

Fathima Wakeel: Maternal and Child Health, Women’s Mental Health

Fathima Wakeel, associate professor in Lehigh's College of Health, is an expert in maternal and child health. The goal of her research is to help reduce racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities in adverse maternal and child health outcomes. Professor Wakeel is leading a study that seeks to determine the physical and mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Lehigh Valley community.  Read more about Fathima Wakeel >

Halcyon Skinner

Halcyon Skinner: Population Health, Epidemiology and Health Data Analytics

Halcyon Skinner, associate professor and associate dean for research in Lehigh’s College of Health, is an expert in epidemiology. Read more about Halcyon Skinner >

Thomas McAndrew Headshot

Thomas McAndrew: Biostatistics, Forecasting Infectious Diseases

Thomas McAndrew, assistant professor in the College of Health, is a computational scientist working at the intersection of biostatistics and data science, studying ensemble models, expert-prediction, and crowdsourcing for forecasting infectious diseases.  Read more about Thomas McAndrew >

COVID-19 Education

George DuPaul

George DuPaul: Child psychology, Individuals with ADHD and Related Behavior Disorders

George DuPaul is a professor of school psychology. Professor DuPaul conducts research on school-based academic and behavioral interventions for youth in K-12 settings, early intervention for children at risk for ADHD, and the assessment and treatment of college students with significant ADHD symptoms, with interests in health promotion and pediatric psychology. Read more about George DuPaul >

COVID-19 Sociology and Anthropology

Kelly Austin

Kelly Austin: Global Health, Medical Sociology, Globalization & Development, the Environment

Kelly Austin is an associate professor of sociology, whose research focuses on examining trends in health and environmental outcomes across developing nations. Read more about Kelly Austin >

Sirry Alang

Sirry Alang: Health Disparities and Inequities; Mental health and Mental Health Services, Global Health

Sirry Alang, assistant professor of sociology and health, medicine, and society at the Lehigh College of Arts and Sciences, is a health disparities and inequities expert whose research explores the role of social structures and institutions in creating inequities in health status and many health outcomes across the globe. Read more about Sirry Alang >

COVID-19 International Relations

Yinan He

Yinan He: Politics of Memory and Reconciliation, East Asian Security, Chinese and Japanese Foreign Policy, National Identity and Nationalism of East Asia

Yinan He, associate professor in Lehigh’s College of Arts and Sciences, is an expert in international relations. Read more about Yinan He >