Corinne Post Explains the Benefits of Having Women on Top Management Teams

Research from the professor of management highlighting the benefits of women in leadership during a crisis is featured in Forbes

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Emily Collins

Forbes featured Corinne Post, professor of management, in the article "What President-Elect Biden Understands That Corporate Boards May Not."

Post's research on women influencing decision-making in top management teams is discussed. 

Her study, "What Changes After Women Enter Top Management Teams? A Gender-based Model of Strategic Renewal," found that as women joined a top management team, executives were more willing to invest in developing innovation and were less likely to take big risks on mergers and acquisition deals. 

"A board's preference for a male CEO might result in a leader with a penchant for more risk when it comes to strategies to lead through the pandemic," she said. 

In other research mentioned in the article, Post and colleagues found that anticipating and managing emotions is critical for gaining and maintaining trust in times of crisis. 

"When the path out of a crisis becomes clearer, as is perhaps the case now, with vaccines in sight, women executives who are relational appear to generate more trust then equally relational male CEOs. Putting more men in charge could lead to actions that make it more difficult for employees and customers to see those companies as trustworthy," said Post. 

The full story can be read on the Forbes website.

Story by

Emily Collins

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