Stories about research

Lehigh’s new HST Building will open in Fall 2021.

Art and science come together in unique textbook project supported by Lehigh Humanities Lab.

Damien Thévenin, associate professor of chemistry at Lehigh, helps to lead the team in research that might prove beneficial to the treatment of cancers.

For the first time, an analysis identifies non-atopic childhood asthma as more than a set of symptoms, but a distinct disease, driven by early exposure to Benzo[a]pyrene from fossil fuel combustion.

Lehigh researchers quantify the interaction between the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2—the virus that causes COVID-19—with the ACE2 receptors in human cells.

In her latest book, Mary Foltz examines the ways several postmodern authors produce scatological works to critique how humans treat each other and the natural world.

Groundbreaking yeast experiment identifies a nontransitive evolutionary sequence where an organism is more fit than its immediate predecessor but less fit than a distant ancestor.

Thomas McAndrew developed novel multi-model ensemble algorithms to forecast the seasonal flu.

Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index shows supply chain managers are worried about the strain that the pandemic is putting on on-time deliveries.

Ware was recognized for her contributions to understanding ribosomes and for outstanding initiatives in undergraduate science education.