Stories about research

Thomas McAndrew developed novel multi-model ensemble algorithms to forecast the seasonal flu.

Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index shows supply chain managers are worried about the strain that the pandemic is putting on on-time deliveries.

Ware was recognized for her contributions to understanding ribosomes and for outstanding initiatives in undergraduate science education.

New Lehigh Business study looks at getting everyone to agree on the pandemic threat.

New research attributes an adverse fetal outcome to the strenuousness of an expectant mother’s job. 

Highlights of research by faculty in the College of Business.

New research from Gong could guide future U.S. immigration policy.

Stressful situations, says Belkin, can bring out the best in employees, if … 

Bowen, assistant professor of finance, explains how these are not your grandfather’s start-ups.

Lambert, associate professor of accounting, found that sometimes lying is the most acceptable form of getting what you want.