Stories about research

Lehigh engineers  have characterized the thermal energy conversion mechanism in the lattice of an advanced nanomaterial called chalcogenide perovskite and demonstrated its 'tunability'―important for its potential use in solar energy generation.

Community college program proves effective in strengthening entrepreneurial and STEM skills of students―largely women, minorities and immigrants.

Yang examines the unintended consequences of an air traffic modernization project on babies’ birth weight.

Hannah Dailey ’02 ’06G ’09G seeks to bridge the gap in clinicians’ ability to predict how quickly bones heal.

Lehigh neuroscientist Ann E. Fink uses comic-book form to explore the bioethics of treating a torturer’s PTSD. 

Anand Jagota and fellow scientists have created a reversible superglue-like material.

Ludovica Cesareo explores the appeal of garish—and expensive—fashion.

Groundbreaking research by Qianqian Yu tackles the value of trademarks for startups.

Haoyan Sun studies the impact of platform dynamics on sales and fundraising.

Professors Parveen Gupta and Heibatollah Sami and other researchers study the impact of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.