Stories about research

A new study explores how individuals coped with stressful life events experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic and which strategies were associated with better quality of life.

Arup SenGupta leads study published in Science Advances.

Physicists Rosi Reed and Anders Knospe lead pioneering experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory to better understand the strong nuclear force responsible for all matter.

Lehigh researchers, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, will investigate exposure to ethylene oxide and other air toxics.

In her ‘Lab Lab’ at the heart of campus, Arrington studies colleagues as they pursue their cutting-edge science—and aims to help them do that science better.

Mariana De Maio studies the risks and threats against journalists around the world and looks at the direction the profession is headed.

His project, “Controlling Non-Specific Peptide Degradation in Hydrogels,” is funded with a $200,000 award from the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Initiation.

Reichmanis is researching materials that could create stretchable polymer semiconductors.

Rea studies ways to embed fairness in operational systems for service industries, including health care and food distribution.