COH Symposium

Twenty-six students showcase their work on health-related topics at the College of Health research symposium.

College of Health Hosts Research Symposium

Twenty-six students showcase their research on health-related topics.

Photography by

Holly Fasching

Lehigh’s College of Health hosted a research symposium Wednesday, Sept. 13, with 26 students showcasing their research on myriad health-related topics, including biostatistics, data research and analysis, research on Indigenous communities, and various other health systems and topics.

Held in the Health, Science and Technology Building, the event also was part of Lehigh’s 5X10 (five programs over 10 weeks) series. College of Health Dean Beth Dolan welcomed attendees and introduced the student presenters.

Showcasing 18-plus posters created by the students, the symposium provided an opportunity for the Lehigh community to discover new areas of experiential learning and research in health, while allowing others to learn more about what careers, research opportunities, internships and more are available through the College of Health.

The symposium also gave the presenters an opportunity to hone their communication skills as they conveyed their studies, research and projects to diverse audiences. Attendees, who included professors, students and graduate students, provided peer evaluations and constructive feedback.

The College of Health, as of the Class of 2025, has approximately 900 students (about 13% of Lehigh undergraduate students.)

Story by Ava Barrentine '25

Photography by

Holly Fasching

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