9.18.20: Lehigh Health and Wellness Center

A message to the Lehigh community

Resources from the University Counseling and Psychological Services

Dear Students, 

First, we would like to thank you for all of your efforts in working together in helping keep yourselves and your fellow members of the campus community safe. We deeply appreciate your engagement in taking the proper steps to help mitigate risk in preventing the spread of the virus in our Lehigh campus and community. 

We fully understand the challenges that this virus has placed before all of us, and acknowledge that those challenges go beyond the dangers posed by COVID-19 alone. As we all continue social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings, it is only natural for us to feel a sense of loss about the many opportunities for socialization that a typical year at Lehigh would provide. For some of you, this sense of loss could eventually be accompanied by feelings of loneliness, isolation, anxiety or sadness.  If you are among those who find themselves struggling with some of these experiences, we want you to know that you are not alone, and that Lehigh is here to support you.

We encourage you to turn to close friends and loved ones for support. Do not feel ashamed to share your feelings, and understand that this pandemic is affecting us all in different ways. There is no shame in asking for help. For all of us, it is challenging and difficult. 

If you think it might be helpful to talk things through with a counselor, do not hesitate to contact our Office of Counseling and Psychological Services at 610-758-3880 or 610-758-5183. Even at a time when access to some campus facilities is limited, the center is open and counselors are available 24/7 to talk and provide support and assistance. Our staff has been supporting students since this pandemic began, and will be there to help you through any struggles you may encounter in the year to come.  Please visit our website at https://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/content/ucps-services, and please watch the accompanying video that talks about the Counseling Center resources and services.  

None of us could have foreseen this pandemic, and none of us could have possibly imagined how dramatically it would change our day-to-day realities. This year at Lehigh will not be like any other year in the university’s history. But by taking care of our own physical and mental health, continuing to do our part to keep everyone safe, and having empathy and understanding for others, we can make this most challenging of semesters a successful one. 

Thank you again for your continued cooperation. Stay safe, and be well. 


Ian Birky, Ph.D.
Director, University Counseling and Psychological Services

David Rubenstein, Psy.D.
Executive Director, Health and Wellness Center