8.4.22: COVID-Related Information for Fall 2022

A message sent to Lehigh students and families. 

Dear Lehigh Students and Families, 

As we prepare to begin the 2022-23 academic year, we hope you have had an enjoyable and safe and healthy summer. On behalf of all faculty and staff, we are looking forward to your arrival on campus. 

You have likely received various communications to prepare for the fall. The COVID Response Team wanted you to be aware of our COVID-specific information and resources:  

  • The campus status page on the Lehigh website provides information on current operations and will be updated throughout the academic year as needed. 

  • We encourage students to take a COVID test before traveling to campus. If you test positive, we will work with you to implement alternative arrival plans.

  • With the expanded testing available across our state and nationwide, we do not anticipate requiring Lehigh surveillance testing for the fall; however, we continue to encourage individuals to utilize available testing if they feel sick or are a close contact. Contact the Health and Wellness Center (HWC) to arrange pickup of a rapid test or to schedule an appointment. Depending on symptoms, the HWC also may recommend further testing, including a COVID PCR, flu or rapid strep test. You also may consider bringing COVID tests with you to have available on hand if you should need them. 

  • As you prepare for your arrival, be sure to provide any required documentation and health information to the HWC through the Patient Portal if you have not already done so. Save the number for the HWC in case you need it: (610) 758-3870.

  • It is always beneficial for students and families to plan ahead in the event they get sick or test positive for COVID. Please take a moment to review our isolation and quarantine policy for students, including a check-list of items you may consider bringing in case you need to isolate in your residence.   

  • The dashboard will be updated weekly with reported positive COVID cases for students, faculty and staff. 

  • For preventing not just the spread of COVID but also other serious diseases, doing the simple things that work, like washing hands, wearing a mask and staying home and away from others when sick, are critical for all of us to remember and practice as we begin our fall semester together. 

We are looking forward to your arrival and are committed to supporting your health and safety.   

-COVID Response Team