3.10.23: Spring Break Message to Students

A message shared with students.

Dear Students,

It is the week before Spring Break and you are all to be commended for a successful first half of the semester. Next week, you will all hopefully enjoy some degree of much-needed rest. Whether you plan to travel or are remaining in the Bethlehem area, we hope you will take a few moments to think about safety to support an enjoyable break.


For those who will be traveling domestically or internationally, safety tips from the CDC and the Travel Channel are two good resources of reliable information.


We have seen an uptick in students who have tested positive for the flu. Similar to COVID-19, there are a few simple but effective steps that can be taken to combat the flu:

  • Wash your hands frequently

  • Don’t share cups, bottles, glasses, etc.

  • Avoid contact with others if you feel sick

  • Do not travel unless fever-free for 24-hours

Our COVID numbers remain low; however, as an additional resource, we will be offering optional COVID surveillance testing the week following the spring break. Feel free to sign up for testing at this link: https://luscovidtesting.as.me/?appointmentType=29121584.


For those of you remaining in Bethlehem, the university will remain open, though some offices will have different hours or staffing. The Lehigh Police Department will remain open and available for the entire break. The following safety reminders apply to all students:

  • Secure your house or apartment if you are leaving.

  • Lock your doors and windows.

  • For students living off campus, remember to register your off-campus residence so that extra patrols can be scheduled in your neighborhood.

  • Vacant apartments can be targets. If your property is valuable and portable, take it with you. The use of light timers is recommended. It is also recommended that you make arrangements regarding mail and newspaper deliveries so they do not accumulate outside your residence.

Whether you plan to travel or will be staying on or near campus, be safe, have fun, and we look forward to your return and rounding out what promises to be an even better second half of the spring semester.


Ricardo Hall

Vice President for Student Affairs

David Rubenstein

Executive Director, Health & Wellness Center

Jason Schiffer

Assistant VP for Campus Safety & Chief of Police