Priority: Diversify Faculty & Staff

A more diverse faculty and staff and a deeper, more widespread understanding of diversity issues will enable us to provide a balanced educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. It will also better prepare Lehigh students to be successful global citizens and leaders in a complex and changing world.

In adopting The Principles of Our Equitable Community, Lehigh University affirmed its unwavering commitment to foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable community, as well as an environment that supports and encourages diverse viewpoints. We continue to work toward this goal by increasing our efforts to recruit, hire and retain talented and experienced faculty and staff from diverse and underrepresented groups across the university.


  • Attract, recruit and hire excellent and diverse faculty and staff dedicated to student development, professional excellence, continuing growth and diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Retain diverse faculty and staff dedicated to supporting an inclusive and equitable campus environment, encouraging freedom to express all perspectives
  • Enhance the multicultural competencies and capabilities—the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a diverse world—of faculty and staff

Select Progress

  • Joined the National Science Foundation’s iChange/Aspire network. The Aspire Alliance is a national project aimed at developing more inclusive faculty recruitment, hiring and retention in STEM disciplines at universities throughout the U.S.
  • Developed and implemented practices to improve faculty diversity, such as the Faculty Diversity Search in Engineering
  • Added to the university’s professional development offerings for faculty and staff to encourage diversity, inclusion and equity learning, such as through the Cornerstones of Community series, a career enrichment curriculum offered through Human Resources for staff—1,803 participants, 5,142 modules complete

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