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Here you’ll find information and resources for newly admitted students. Join our community for the quintessential college experience—a rigorous academic environment paired with dynamic student life on a classic college campus.

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1. Log on to the Lehigh Portal. If you have not already opened your Lehigh Portal, please go to your Applicant Portal and click on “Establish Your Lehigh Account.”

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2. Follow instructions in the “Deposit Information” section. Review the documentation and submit your non-refundable enrollment deposit through the e-Bill Suite to commit to Lehigh.

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Find out if Lehigh is the right fit for you by exploring our campus and community, virtually and in-person. Between the Class of 2025 Receptions, Lehigh Admitted Student Community and on-demand virtual sessions, there are a variety of ways to engage and learn more.

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Engage directly with current students, faculty and staff through discussion boards and live panels on topics specific to your academic and student life interests.

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Follow the route of the undergraduate admissions tour to see academic and student-life buildings, and learn about life at Lehigh along the way.

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The Lehigh community is full of supportive professors, staff members and peers. Here's a directory to help guide admitted students through the resources now available—from academic support to student life. We encourage you to explore what's available to you as a Lehigh student, and imagine your life at Lehigh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the college you'll attend is a big decision. Below find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is Lehigh's campus like?

Lehigh University consists of three contiguous campuses covering 2,358 acres. Situated on South Mountain, Lehigh's campus is home to a unique mix of modern, state-of-the-art facilities and historic, ivy covered stone buildings containing 3.6 million-plus square feet of classroom, laboratory, office and living space. Whether you are preparing for your visit, or can't make it in person, use our virtual walking tour to explore campus. You'll follow the route of the undergraduate admissions tour to see academic and student life buildings, learning about life at Lehigh along the way.

What can you tell me about on-campus housing?

All first-year residence halls are located close to classrooms, the dining halls, the fitness center/gymnasium and the libraries. All first-year and second-year students are required to reside in university housing facilities. Most rooms are doubles, with a limited number of singles and triples. Check residence hall options, special interest housing and more on the housing website.

Transfer students, we highly recommend contacting housing services to complete the transfer housing application once you've submitted your non-refundable enrollment deposit.

What is the social life like?

Lehigh offers more than 200 student clubs and organizations, and 99% of our students are involved in extracurricular activities. Activities are offered in the areas of politics and student government, music and dramatics, a newspaper and a radio station, community service, religion, and sports and intramurals, among others. In addition, Lehigh offers a unique Greek system centered in scholarship, leadership, and service, and approximately 30-35% of students are affiliated. 95% of our students stay on campus on the weekends, creating an engaging residential experience. Visit for more information.

How safe is Lehigh?

Lehigh is committed to providing a safe living and learning environment that helps each student reach his or her full potential, with a focus on prevention and education. Lehigh police officers patrol the campus in vehicles, on foot and on bicycles. Lehigh also offers walking escorts and a van service. All residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, and students use special card-keys to enter all halls. Visit for more information.

I'm a parent. What do I need to know about Lehigh?

Some colleges may overlook the important questions and concerns that parents and family often have regarding admissions, academics and student life. We've collected all the facts, news and information you'll need to make an informed decision. Visit or join the Parents and Families Facebook Group for more information.

When do I register for classes?

After submitting your non-refundable enrollment deposit, you will receive information about advising and online registration for fall courses. You do not have to worry that you will not get the classes you need in the fall.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 28 students and 81% of classes have fewer than 35 students.

What is the faculty-student relationship like at the undergraduate level?

Lehigh undergraduates enjoy a close working relationship with their professors. The student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1. Faculty members are committed to teaching, and many frequently work on research projects with their undergraduates. Visit for more information.

What types of internships or co-op experiences are available?

Many Lehigh students receive firsthand experience and knowledge in their field of interest through valuable internships and co-operative learning programs - in fact, 98% of each Lehigh's graduating class has an internship or co-op during their time as a student here. Students perform internships in a wide range of settings - chiefly off campus with top companies. Top engineering students can enter a cooperative education program that provides 8 months of work experience - while allowing them to graduate in 4 years. All co-op students receive a paycheck and in fact, many receive a job offer. Visit for more information.

Does Lehigh offer study abroad?

Lehigh offers more than 250 study abroad programs in more than 74 countries. Approximately 43% of all Lehigh students study abroad. Visit for more.

What types of academic services does Lehigh offer to undergraduates?

Lehigh offers tutoring and support in writing, math and study skills. Lehigh encourages all students to visit our Center for Academic Success, where students can access subject-specific tutors and group study sessions for most first- and second-year courses. Academic Support Services offers support services for students with disabilities, and consultation on academic concerns. Students with documented disabilities who are in need of academic support services can reach out to our Disability Support Services with any questions they might have. In addition, professional staff are available to meet with students to assess needs and provide assistance in learning skill areas, including time management, study skills, stress management and test-taking. Visit for more.

When will I receive notification about my financial aid award?

If you completed your financial aid application by the deadline, you will receive your financial aid notification along with your letter of admission to Lehigh. You can also view your financial aid award online through the Banner link on your Lehigh Portal.

How do I view my financial aid award?

Please visit Financial Aid Awards to learn more about viewing your award and checking its status.

When will I find out about merit scholarships?

Merit scholarships are determined by the Office of Admissions and students who are chosen for merit awards will see that notification in the Admission decision letter. Merit scholarships at Lehigh are highly selective; this year, approximately 20% of applicants have been offered both admission and a merit scholarship.

Do I have to apply for financial aid each year?

Students must reapply for institutional need-based and Federal financial aid each year. Eligibility is evaluated each year based on a family’s financial and household information as well as any changes in the costs of attendance. Factors that impact need-based eligibility can be viewed on the Undergraduate Financial Aid page. Additionally, Satisfactory Academic Performance must also be maintained for aid renewal. Complete financial aid applications for institutional aid are due by March 15 for currently enrolled undergraduate students. Students who submit a complete financial aid application after our deadlines may not receive any institutional need based financial aid.

Does my aid package remain the same each year?

Your need-based financial aid award is specific to an academic year. If a student’s family’s income, assets, and household information (such as number of family members enrolled in college) remain the same, then the need-based financial aid eligibility will remain similar each year. If factors such as family income or the number of siblings enrolled in undergraduate college change, these will result in changes to our calculated Expected Family Contribution and, in turn, a student’s financial aid award.

Who can I contact to discuss my financial aid award?

Your financial aid counselor is assigned to you based on your last name. You can view your counselor, our office contact information, and even schedule an appointment on the Contact Us & Find Your Financial Aid Counselor page.

I'm an international student, when will immigration and visa materials be sent to me?

Immigration and visa materials will be sent to you by Federal Express or DHL after we receive your $500.00 non-refundable enrollment deposit and enrollment paperwork. Please be sure to include any immigration and visa materials that were requested in your admission packet. For more information regarding immigration and visas, please visit

As an international student, when should I begin to plan my travel?

Please wait to make travel arrangements until you receive more information about the international student orientation. For more information regarding travel, please visit

As an international student, what support services are available for me?

Please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars website for detailed information about the comprehensive international support services available at Lehigh.

When is international orientation?

More information about the orientation process for international students can be found at

Can I transfer credits from another college?

Courses you have taken at other regionally accredited colleges that have an equivalent course offered at Lehigh, and in which you have earned a grade of "C" or better, are eligible for transfer of credit. More information can be found at

A list of credits that will be granted toward your Lehigh degree will be sent to you by email once a credit review is completed. If your portal shows we are missing course descriptions, syllabi and descriptions need to be provided through the LU FileSender in order for the review to begin. Please direct questions to

Can I transfer Advanced Placement credits?

If you would like your AP tests to count towards college credit please make sure you list Lehigh as a recipient of your scores (code 2365) when you register for your exam. If you have already completed your AP exams, please ask the College Board to submit your scores to Lehigh. Please refer to the Lehigh Course Catalogue for questions about the specific scores necessary to receive credit for Lehigh classes. Scores from the new online format for AP exams will be honored according to our existing policies.

Can I transfer International Baccalaureate credits?

Students who earn the international baccalaureate may be granted credit in higher-level or advanced subjects with scores of 5 or better or "B" or better. All students will have their credentials evaluated on an individual basis for specific course equivalency. Please make sure you ask the IB office to send official results to Lehigh.

Will I be able to receive credit for International Baccalaureate (IB) courses without exams?

We will honor numerical scores for IB coursework completed without the exam, as if the student had taken the exam.

When will I hear about transfer credits for ACT/SAT and AP scores?

Official scores shared with Lehigh that qualify for credit will be reviewed and granted credit prior to the start of the semester. Scores from the new online format for AP exams will be honored according to our existing policies.

Can I defer my admission?

Most students apply to Lehigh with the intention to enroll in the fall semester immediately following their high school graduation. Some admitted students, however, choose to delay their enrollment through a deferral (also known as a “gap year”) in order to pursue unique passions or interests, experiential learning opportunities, travel to other countries, or engage in work or volunteer experiences. Students that have deferred their entry tell us that these meaningful activities allowed them to begin at Lehigh more prepared for the challenges of college and with a broader perspective. Gap periods are typically one year, but approval may be given for shorter or longer durations, depending on the reason for the request and proposed activities during the deferral.

Read more details >

Is there flexibility with alternative grading methods being used during remote learning?

As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, Lehigh understands that students have experienced a variety of challenges. The Office of Admissions will continue to review transcripts based on the individual school’s practices and policies. Alternative grading methods being utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic will be honored in the same manner as the school’s traditional grading scale.

Will scores from the new online format for AP exams be honored?

Scores from the new online format for AP exams will be honored according to our existing policies.

What if my family’s financial circumstances have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Should your family’s financial circumstances change during the COVID-19 pandemic your financial aid package can be re-evaluated if a Change of Financial Circumstance form is submitted.

What if I am unable to pay my Enrollment Deposit due to financial hardship from COVID-19?

Students that are ready to commit to Lehigh, but are unable to pay the Enrollment Deposit due to financial hardships, are able to request an Enrollment Deposit waiver through the Office of Financial Aid at

Will I be able to receive credit for International Baccalaureate (IB) courses without exams?

We will honor numerical scores for IB coursework completed without the exam, as if the student had taken the exam, according to our existing policies.

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