Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Spanish and Hispanic Studies Degree Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in Spanish and Hispanic studies provides students with advanced Spanish grammar and courses on the cultural evolution of Spain and Latin America.

As the official language of 21 countries and the third most widely spoken language in the world, Spanish provides access to a variety of peoples and cultures with a rich historical, cultural, and literary tradition. It is also the language of more than 10 million people in the United States, currently home to the world’s fourth-largest Spanish-speaking population.

Spanish and Hispanic Studies Career Opportunities

Lehigh’s Spanish and Hispanic studies alumni work as teachers, and translators, in public policy, and government, for nonprofits and NGOs, and in business. There are virtually no careers in which speaking Spanish is not a benefit.

Spanish and Hispanic Studies Degree Contact

Constance Cook, chair: | (610) 758-4490
Emmy Simpson, coordinator: | (610) 758-3090

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