Science and Environmental Writing

Science and Environmental Writing Degree Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in science and environmental writing is ideal for students who want to write about pure and applied scientific research, technology, engineering, environment, medicine and health for a variety of audiences varying from the general public to scientists and engineers. In addition to learning how to write about these fields, students gain experience in media analysis and research, risk communication, and national and international politics of science, environment, medicine and health.

Many students who minor in science writing do so because they realize how important communication is to success in their science and engineering fields. Almost all of these students find that science and environmental writing gives them a much-needed advantage over others in the workplace. Because they learn to think and write critically, they often find themselves assigned to special projects or as project team leaders.

Science and Environmental Writing Career Opportunities

Lehigh’s science and environmental writing alumni work in media, industry, government, consulting and nonprofit organizations.

Science and Environmental Writing Degree Contact

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