Psychology Degree Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in psychology offers students the opportunity to study the principal areas of scientific psychology. The program is designed to give students an introduction to contemporary theories that address fundamental questions about how humans think, feel and act across the lifespan, individually and in groups, as well as how and why people differ from one another.

For the Bachelor of Arts degree, students take a comparatively smaller number of courses to fulfill the major-field requirements, plus a selection of courses in various fields outside the major. For the Bachelor of Science, students take a more extensive concentration in the major field, along with designated courses in math and science, and a proportionately smaller number of courses outside the major.

The Bachelor of Science is intended to facilitate advanced graduate study in psychology and related fields. The program offers broad scientific training with a concentration in cognition and cognitive neuroscience; developmental psychology; social psychology; or clinical and behavioral health. The program is also attractive to students who are preparing for careers in medicine or related health fields because it combines the mathematics and natural science courses required for professional study in these fields with exposure to ethics and a specialization in a concentration area such as clinical psychology.

What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree?

Lehigh’s psychology alumni go on to the top graduate schools in the country.

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