Political Science

Political Science Degree Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in political science is designed to promote not only an understanding of politics—ideas and ideals, perceptions and realities, institutions and processes—but also to develop skills in analyzing and evaluating social and political problems. Beyond the classroom, many political science professors are involved with student groups and current issue groups, and all faculty are readily available to talk with individual students.

The major encourages the study of the theories, processes, and institutions of government both at home and abroad, which cultivates the ability to conceptualize and to think critically.

What Can You Do with a Political Science Degree?

Lehigh’s political science alumni work as government officials, party or civic leaders, public affairs commentators, and staff members of a government research bureau. In addition, the private sector provides opportunities in areas such as banking, insurance, and marketing for B.A. graduates in the social sciences. Graduate study is also a natural extension of the undergraduate program.

Political Science Degree Contact

Brian Fife, chair: blf218@lehigh.edu
Terri Hamlin, coordinator: teh216@lehigh.edu | (610) 758-3340

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