What is Philosophy?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in philosophy is designed to provide a broad exposure to the major areas of philosophy as well as a strong grounding in the history of the Western philosophical tradition. The program emphasizes the close reading and critical evaluation of classic texts from ancient times to the present, and students can expect to develop sophisticated analytic and expository skills that will enable them to engage in original, critical reflection on their own.

The major program provides excellent preparation for graduate study in philosophy as well as a solid foundation for any career that places a premium upon clear, careful thinking, rigorous conceptual and analytical skills, and effective written and oral communication.

What Can You Do with a Philosophy Degree?

Lehigh’s philosophy alumni work in academia or go on to the top graduate schools in the country.

Philosophy Degree Contact

Gordon Bearn, chair:
Maria Loannidou, coordinator: | 610-758-3775

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