Latin American & Latino Studies

What is Latin American Studies?

Lehigh’s undergraduate minor in Latin American studies is designed for students who wish to develop an understanding of a neighboring region that is of vital importance to the United States. Courses in archeology, foreign policy, history, language and literature, and politics, along with independent studies in the visual arts and museum studies allow students to explore various aspects of Latin American cultures and societies from different disciplinary perspectives. 

The minor offers students an international vantage point from which they can examine their own society and prepares them to meet the challenges of an increasingly interdependent world. The unprecedented movement of peoples and ideas between the American continents in recent decades makes the study of this region of the world an essential component for understanding the history and culture of the expanding U.S. Latino population. 

Latin American Studies Careers

Lehigh alumni with a minor in Latin American studies work in policy, for nonprofits, in government, communications, and teach through the Latin American world.

Latin American Studies Degree Contact

Mariana De Maio, program director: | (610) 758-3627
Office of Interdisciplinary Programs: | (610) 758-3996

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