What is Journalism?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in journalism teaches traditional skills of research, reporting, editing and writing, and provides instruction in the practice and principles of digital and social media. It emphasizes critical thinking, ethics and law, and an understanding of the role of journalism in today’s global society.

Journalism is crucial to the public life of a democracy. At its best, journalism serves as a watchdog to government, offers a voice for the powerless at home and abroad, entertains and instructs the public, represents the views of varied constituencies, and monitors and protects the environment and public resources.

Journalism Careers

Lehigh’s journalism alumni work in the top ranks of the field at such places as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, the Associated Press, MSNBC, ABC News, CNN and other media outlets. Graduates also work in global communication, social media, media law, visual communication, and science journalism.

Journalism Degree Contact

Brian Creech, chair:
Kathy Throne, coordinator: | (610) 758-4180

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