Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Minor Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate minor in Jewish studies offers more than 25 courses that explore the history, religion, literature and culture of the Jewish people. Five to seven of these are taught each semester, and new courses are given regularly. The classroom experience is enhanced by a series of lectures, films, seminars, exhibits and conferences sponsored by the Berman Center.

The study of Jewish society and culture can enhance one’s understanding of European or American society and culture. Students of psychology and sociology will find that Jewish Studies contributes to their understanding of such issues as prejudice and anti-Semitism, assimilation, and religious-cultural pluralism. The study of Jewish religion and philosophy brings one face-to-face with such problems as God, religious faith and doubt, moral responsibility, evil and human suffering. Studying Judaism introduces the student of literature to a broad sample of diverse literary forms and themes from diverse periods and cultural settings.

Jewish Studies Career Opportunities

Lehigh alumni with a minor in Jewish studies work in jobs all over the world, including in Israel.

Jewish Studies Minor Contact

Jodi Eichler-Levine, program director: | (610) 758-3370
Office of Interdisciplinary Programs: | (610) 758-3996

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