International Relations

What is International Relations?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in international relations is designed to enable students to analyze problems in a manner that is theoretically informed and conceptually rigorous, to place current global problems in historical perspective, and to write, speak and think with clarity and precision.

Today’s world is the product of diverse global forces that are historical, political, economic, military and social in nature. These same forces will shape the world we inhabit in the future — and our knowledge of them will determine our place within that world. It follows that a systematic understanding of these forces, often summarized by the term “world politics,” must be interdisciplinary in approach. The mission of the Department of International Relations is to provide students with the opportunity to investigate these themes.

What Can You Do with an International Relations Degree?

Lehigh’s international relations alumni work in careers such as law, business, journalism, diplomacy, public service, and academics.

International Relations Degree Contact

Norrin Ripsman, chair:
Edann Brady, coordinator: | (610) 758-3390

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