Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in interdisciplinary studies is specially structured to create unique multidisciplinary majors within the College of Arts and Sciences. For example, a student interested in a professional school of urban or regional planning might wish to structure a special major consisting primarily of courses in political science, environmental studies, sociology or any other relevant disciplines.

Any student may, with the aid of faculty members chosen from the disciplines involved, devise an interdisciplinary major program to include no less than thirty credits of related course work, with at least 15 credits from advanced courses. The major advisors and the dean of the college must approve the program.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Career Opportunities

Lehigh alumni with a major in interdisciplinary studies work in a wide variety of professions, dependent on their personalized interdisciplinary plan of studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Contacts

Jessecae Marsh, associate dean: | (610) 758-3300
Office of Interdisciplinary Programs: | (610) 758-3996

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