Industrial and Systems Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering Degree Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in industrial and systems engineering offers rigorous training in engineering principles while providing students with opportunities to think critically and analytically, work collaboratively, and acquire the skills to comprehend and create new knowledge.

Industrial and systems engineering students benefit from the department’s strong interaction with industry, particularly through a well-established capstone senior design course where student teams work on real industry projects with companies large and small. State-of-the-art lab facilities across campus allow students to become familiar with advances in their field in computing, electronics, manufacturing, robotics and automation, and manufacturing technology.

Industrial and Systems Engineering Careers

Lehigh’s industrial and systems engineering alumni go on to design, improve and optimize processes, systems, products and services. They use their problem-solving and analytical skills to find ways to make processes better, easier, cheaper or safer. They devise ways to shorten lines at amusement parks, speed up global UPS delivery systems and optimize operating room processes.

In today’s competitive marketplace where continuous improvement and cost containment are paramount to survival, systems engineers are sought-after professionals. The field has expanded from its roots in designing manufacturing systems to include service systems and computational engineering across broad industry sectors, including transportation, logistics, finance, telecommunications, energy and healthcare.

Industrial and Systems Engineering Degree Contact

Robin Armbruster, administrative specialist for undergraduate studies: | (610) 758-4025

College of Engineering Central Inbox: | (610) 758-5308

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